TMT Group

TMT Group

TMT Group are specialists in construction projects, specifically for the commercial sector.

Since they began operations in 2012, they have managed to provide many commercial sectors with anything from offices to retail units.

We were first approached by TMT Group to provide a gatehouse for one of their clients as they were providing a turnkey package to the client at Trafford Park in Manchester.

Initially they were looking to receive a gatehouse of which we sent a variety of options for them to go through based on a standard cabin/ modular.

Except TMT Group had their sights set on having something that would be entirely different and new.

we were then sent an architect’s plan from TMT Group, which we then sent off to a factory that built all our new products (under license of course).

Working along side TMT Group on this project has been a fantastic experience for us, with the walls being positioned in alternative angles and made using a different product than what we are use to.

We found this build certainly had its challenges, yet we were able to adapt to the clients needs and completed the task at hand feeling exceptionally proud of the results.

Here at RBS, we ensure all of our services are tailored and adaptable to the needs of the client, in which case, TMT Group needed a gatehouse, which was completely different from anything we’d done before. We were able to meet these requirements and tailor our service to fit their needs.

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