Cooney South

Cooney South

Cooney South swiftly become the south coast’s chief fabrication company since it was first established in April 2017; providing a range of premium quality products, from pop-out doors to flag sockets, they manufacture quality Marine stainless steel within the UK.

As we have worked alongside this company previously, we were more than happy to assist them with the rapid expansion of their business by providing an additional unit to keep up with their growing customer demands.

When Cooney South first contacted us regarding this project, they needed an additional unit to be situated on top of the unit, which we supplied a few years back to the client. The new unit would be used as a Dev Office to facilitate another design engineer, allowing the company to half its development times.

Unfortunately, we were unable to supply them with a compatible unit because we had no suitable cabins at the time of this project. We never let a customer down, which is why we started to devise a suitable alternative to creating a solution that would benefit the business best.

One possibility we discussed was to use a similar unit to their current one and amend it by relocating the legs, allowing it to sit on top of the current unit. After exploring the various options available to them, the decision was made to simply have the additional unit situated beside their current unit on the ground.

Here at RBS, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored service for all of our clients; ensuring they get the most out of their modular and portable buildings. We provide our customers with a complete, managed service to make sure your project runs smoothly from planning to installation.

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