NTCG Family Worship Centre

NTCG Family Worship Centre

The NTCG Family Worship Centre is just one of many churches belonging to the same group — bringing local communities together in more than 130 branches and missions across England and Wales.

Requiring an additional meeting area for their branch in Walsall, somewhere attendees could gather before and after every sermon, and could adequately accommodate the church’s substantial and devoted congregation while adhering to the restrictive space available on the premises.

While the main church building already had a toilet area, it was important for this new separate building to be similarly equipped in order to prevent people needing to use the facilities from having to go from one location to another.

The end result would be a completely new space that not only created additional room for attendees but also fit aesthetically and seamlessly with the main church building; equipped with the necessary conveniences that made it feel less like and addition and more like a natural extension of the existing structure.

With the majority of the work performed offsite in our workshop, disruptions at the church were kept to an absolute minimum and our team were able to turn the project around quickly once a principal unit was chosen for outfitting.

Installation of the finalised unit was then co-ordinated between ourselves and a separate logistics company. With the church being situated in a busy area open to the general public, it was extremely important that manoeuvres were carried safely and securely — with the unit needing to be lowered into position via crane.

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