Stratford Girls’ Grammar School

Stratford Girls’ Grammar School

RBS delivered an efficient straightforward service. The team worked with us to provide the best options for our needs and the needs of our students. We are very pleased with the end result.

– Linda Casement, Facilities Manager, Stratford Girls’ Grammar School

Earlier this year, we worked with Stratford Girls’ Grammar School to provide a suitable and sustainable solution while one of their classrooms underwent a lengthy refurbishment.

Top marks for another successful project

Based in London, Stratford Girls’ Grammar School is one of the region’s leading selective secondary schools — expanding capacity in 2017 to accommodate more than 800 students across years 7 to 11.

At the end of the 2017 full-year term, Stratford Girls’ Grammar School required temporary facilities to serve as the school’s interim art room while the classroom underwent a lengthy refurbishment.

Having worked with RBS on a previous project, Facilities Manager Linda Casement knew we had the knowledge, expertise and skill-set to deliver a solution that met the needs of the school and needs of the students.

We consulted with management and staff at Stratford Girls’ Grammar school to help them choose the best option for the exact requirements, making recommendations to help them get the most out of their investment.

To ensure the unit was ready in time for the start of the 2018 term, the unit was installed immediately before the six-week summer break; making sure the facilities were fully fitted; equipped with power and water, and any snags in the project were taken care of in advance.

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