RSPCA, Burton-on-Trent

RSPCA, Burton-on-Trent

RSPCA_Case Study

The cabins supplied by RBS were reconfigured to suit our needs, finished to very nice standard and carefully installed within our budget. Thank you from us all

– Jonathan Pitchfork, Branch Secretary RSCPA Burton on Trent

The RSPCA in Burton-on-Trent first came to us looking for a couple replacement units; although, after 6 weeks had gone by they decided on getting another unit making that their 3rd unit from us so far; which were used for storage, offices and meeting rooms.

We ensure that any service we provide to any clients is tailored and adapted to their specific needs.

When the RSPCA first came to see us, they got to view one of our units that had yet to be refurbished. We then showed them the units that we could provide them that best fitted their needs by escorting them throughout our workshop.

RSPCA_Case Study

This gave us a perfect chance to also give them an insight into our process of the various stages we go through to make sure they are given the best outcome for the purpose they require.

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