New Revival

New Revival

New Revival specialise in providing a professional service and assisting clients ‘ in their construction projects.

We were first approached by New Revival to enquire about a complex of 6 anti vandal units for a site in Ashford.

During this time we had a complex of 11 units coming in which we were able to refurbish and meet the clients’ requirements. We then offered some quotes to the client, which included a complex of new units.

After various discussions it was decided that the project at Ashford needed to be a new build complex due to it being a long-term prestigious site for our client.
Although building new units was 8-10 weeks and this wouldn’t meet the demands of New Revival who required something on site in half the time.

We reverted back to the pre-owned options, which are generally turned around in 2-3 weeks, but after various discussions about reutilization at the end of the period it was decided that the new build was definitely the best option. Luckily though, we were able to juggle around the production schedule getting the project complete in a lead-time of 4 weeks.

Alongside the need for the right product, New Revival liked the flexibility of our lease purchase options, which enabled him to retain capital in the business whilst delivering the accommodation required for his project.

Here at RBS, we ensure all of our services are tailored and adaptable to the needs of the client, in which case, New Revival needed a complex of 8 new anti-vandal units (linked and stacked) within a short timeframe. We were able to meet these requirements and tailor our service to fit their needs.

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