Installing a modular building, Portable building installation


Relocatable Building systems Ltd specialise in all aspects relating to Modular and Portable Buildings. We sell New Modular Buildings, Used Modular Buildings, New Portable Buildings and Used Portable Buildings, all of which can be fully designed to customer requirements.

sub1We design Modular Offices, Nurseries, Classrooms, Drying Rooms, Changing Rooms, Toilets & Showers and much much more.
Once your building design has been agreed and built or refurbished, the process of installing a Modular Building is normally quite straight forward and is shown opposite in a step by step guide/process.

sub2Here at Relocatable Building Systems Ltd we will be with your every step of the way, so nothing will be left to chance.

We will visit the site so you can be sure there won’t be any hitches at the eleventh hour, for example, is the proposed location suitable or viable?

Is there adequate access for Lorries?
Will you be able to lift over a fence or wall, do you need a crane?
Do you need new foundations laying?

On Site Installation

Step 1 РFoundations Set Previously


Step 2 – Transportation


Step 3 – First Module Is Sited


Step 4 – Remaining Modules Lined Up


Step 5 – Modules All Sited & Weatherproofed


Step 6 – Interior Furnished


Final Product – 6 Bay Modular Building


Whatever your situation we can assist from initial enquiry right through to completion so please contact us on 0800 158 3223 if you have any questions.

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