Portable building maintenance, Dismantle modular buildings

Site services & maintenance

We understand that your worksite is the bedrock of your every day operations. For many firms, it’s the heart of your entire organisation. We can provide a broad range of maintenance and support services, expertly delivered to ensure your site remains a safe and productive place for you and your staff.

Assessment and maintenance

Regular maintenance of your worksite and work buildings is essential. Our experienced team will perform a comprehensive needs analysis of your site, and an in-depth assessment of your excurrent units to ensure they comply with Health and Safety.

We can then provide a series of maintenance services, where recommended, to improve the accessibility, usability and longevity of your modular and portable buildings. From cosmetic and structural improvements, to adding new features and functionality, we can provide the best solution to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Other site services we can provide include:

  • Health and Safety (Full site specific) method statements and risk assessments
  • Installation works (using trained slinger Banksman/signal men/appointed persons. Lift Managers) (CITB Site Manager Safety Training operatives are immediately available)
  • Site Connections
  • Fencing
  • Portable and modular buildings maintenance, repairs, alteration and refurbishment works (Fleet Management)
  • Portable and modular buildings dismantle works
  • Site Moves
  • Foundations and groundworks
  • Steps and Ramps built

We can also arrange transport, cranage and track way for installation and dismantle projects if required.

Unit refurbishment

In addition to providing brand new modular and portable buildings designed to specification, we also specialise in refurbishing existing units you may already own. Our experienced team will work with you to establish the requirements of the space of you need, and provide our recommendations for improvements to your existing unit.

We can then perform the necessary building, construction and fitting works on-location. We can also assist with moving and re-locating any of your existing units to ensure the process is carried our safely and securely. Giving you peace of mind that your assets are well and truly taken care of.

Onsite assistance for hiring firms

If you specialise in hiring portable cabins and modular buildings, we can support your day-to-day operations by providing onsite assistance, labour and materials. Our experienced team can be deployed to assist with installation, or to help ensure outgoing units across your depot are prepped and ready to be sent to the customer.

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