Landmark Group, Doncaster

Landmark Group, Doncaster

Landmark Group

We have now ordered 4 units in total from RBS. All were delivered on time and efficiently with all snags being dealt with promptly and with no arguments.

– Stephen Adams, Landmark Group

Landmark Groups are innovated architects located in Doncaster who specialists in loft conversions for London homes.

It’s a great joy to have worked with Landmark again. They are incredible passionate about providing their clients with stunning loft conversions that blend in perfectly with their homes.

In fact, we had previously worked with Landmark Groups 2 years ago which was when they brought two cabins from us. Now, due to their business expanding, they are now looking to extend their facilities.

Landmark Group

We were able to provide the Landmark group with two additional cabins that would attach to the cabins we previously provided for them.  The foundations for the two new units were supplied by us, and when linking the 2 new cabins to the current 2 cabins they had we were able to connect their eater and waste to the existing units.

Landmark Group

Here at RBS, we ensure all of our services are tailored and adaptable to the needs of the client, in which case, the Landmark Group decided they needed more space to accommodate the expansion of their business. We were able to meet these requirements and tailor our service to fit their needs.

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