Holme Farm Equestrian Centre

Holme Farm Equestrian Centre

Holme Farm Equestrian Centre is a wonderful and friendly riding centre located in Crowborough.

We were first approached by Holme Farm Equestrian Centre to enquire about a unit to be used as a classroom for their riding school.

Picking the right unit is incredibly important for every customer. It’s very much like picking the right car or house for you, you’ll have expectations and you’ll want them achieved. However, if the right unit wasn’t picked, rather than using it to its full potential, you’ll be regretting ever getting one.

That’s why we ensure all our units are designed around the client’s needs. In Holme Farm Equestrian Centre’s case, they wanted a classroom, but didn’t want it to look like a just another unit. After much debate, the decision was made to upgrade from the unit they had to a unit which had cedar cladding fitted to the outside of the unit, giving the unit a beautiful natural effect.

It was a brilliant experience for us to work on this project giving the next generation a place to build their passion and futures.

Here at RBS, we ensure all of our services are tailored and adaptable to the needs of the client, in which case, Holme Farm Equestrian Centre required a class room for their riding school but didn’t want it to look like just another unit. We were able to meet these requirements and tailor our service to fit their needs.

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