Brett Landscaping

Brett Landscaping

Brett Landscaping, based in Southampton, first approached us at the start of 2018 to enquire about our weighbridge units, as they required two offices.

The client was originally working from a cabin with limited space, which was in desperate need of updating. At first they were only considering to purchase a refurbished unit, although, after continual support from the team here at RBS, the client chose to go with a purchase of 2 larger, durable units.

Due to implications with the planning among other issues, we were unable to deliver the units until the end of September 2018.

The installation of this project was fairly standard procedure for us. Brett Landscaping specially requested for the windows to be upgraded to UPVC and sliding UPVC for the driver; with this we had to specially source in the windows.

During the process of this project at the stage of awaiting for the windows to arrive, we incurred a set back in that the provider of which we had ordered the windows from had gone into administration during the process of the windows being made.

Because of this we had to find another provider for the windows to have the order replaced, in the mean time, we had the units delivered to Brett Landscaping. Once the windows were ready, we went back to the site to have them installed.

“The RBS team was professional and fully supportive throughout the whole process and with this in mind we are now looking at their services once again.”

– Pete Copage, Stock & Yard Manager

Here at RBS, we ensure all of our services are tailored and adaptable to the needs of the client, in which case, Brett Landscaping desperately needed a new office to work from with sliding UPVC windows. We were able to meet these requirements and tailor our service to fit their needs.

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