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Portable Buildings History

32ft-portable-cabinsPortable Buildings History
The company who claim that they built the first building of its type was Portakabin Ltd based in York and built a product called the PK16, a 16ft Cabin built for the construction industry. Since then many companies have made their own version so the choice for buildings is vast.

Here at Relocatable Building Systems Ltd we offer a wide choice of good quality buildings at competitive prices. Relocatable Building Services Ltd can help in finding the right building for you for the right price be it new or used. Relocatable Building Systems Ltd are proud to offer pre owned or second hand Portakabin manufactured Buildings for sale and a stock of which are always available.

We are also always looking for quality Portakabin Buildings to buy as follows:

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Anti Vandal Portable Buildings
Steel Anti Vandal Units or Anti Vandal Units were developed in the 90’s to offer better protection for the contents of the building. As computers became more important on construction / building sites and vulnerable areas, there became a need for better quality and stronger windows and doors, also the wall structure itself required re-enforcement. The early versions were made from converted shipping containers, but these were not really a suitable environment for people to work from, so certain companies developed purpose built units to cater for human occupation to properly protect the contents. Relocatable Building Systems Ltd offers both Modular Anti Vandal Units and portable cabin type Secure units, both new and used at competitive prices

Portable Building Advances
Things have moved on once again and Relocatable Building Systems Ltd (RBS) is proud to offer the most advanced portable building yet (GreenStep) a building that is ultra-efficient, offering high levels if insulation in roof walls and floor, low energy lighting and heating. The buildings meet with Building Regulations in England & Wales and Scotland. We would like to think our cutting edge buildings are by far the most energy efficient you can buy today.

Our Portable Buildings
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