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Modular Buildings History

Modular buildings are designed to create large working environments suitable for classrooms, large canteens, hospital wards, offices and so on. A modular building is made up of a number of sections known as modules. This style of build has had many different names, including prefab. The name prefab comes from the fact that they were pre-fabricated in a factory, where they would then transport the building to a pre-prepared site to assemble the buildings, which would take a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional house.

Modular Building Manufacturers

Manufacturers of these builds such as Yorkon LTD hold their standards very high. They do this through using quality materials like steel frameworks and cladding, which you would typically find on a modern construction project. The windows on modular buildings are made of UPVC or Aluminium topped off with double-glazing to ensure they meet the latest building regulations.

Internally, modular buildings are not so different from traditional buildings. Modular builds also contain plasterboard walls, suspended ceilings, air conditioning units, IT networks, glazed internal walls along with anything else you would typically expect from a modern build.

Uses of Modular Buildings

With the endless opportunities module buildings can provide, you really can’t go wrong. They have expanded to a whole new level of proving suitable units for Hotels, Airports, Train Stations, and McDonald’s Restaurants, which is constructed through the modular buildings systems with brick cladding systems on the external walls to give a sense of permanency and more traditional feel.

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