Decontamination Units

Decontamination Units

When it comes to dealing with any hazardous material, it’s crucial that hygiene is maintained to the highest standards. Our decontamination units are vital for your organisations’ everyday operations.

What can our Decontamination Units be used for?

These portable shower units are specially designed to remove any contaminants you or your workforce may come into contact with during the course of their work.

These units can be used not only for decontaminating individuals but equipment too. Within the health sector, the thorough decontamination of medical equipment is extremely important. A single technician would be able to thoroughly process around 5,000 items every week.

How are Decontamination Units different to regular showers?

Decontamination units greatly differ in comparison to regular showers or wash facilities. Whereas one is used for general hygiene and welfare purposes, the decontamination units are designed with two separate access points, one for contaminated personnel and one for clean personnel.

This allows them to either change into their protective gear before they start work, and get out of their contaminated gear to then enter into their cleaning chamber, which will make sure that no hazardous materials are left behind.

When entering these units, you will notice that the air is maintained in order to contain any hazardous materials that may have gone airborne. Even the water used for decontamination is filtered before disposal depending on the specific use of the units.

Why choose RBS for a Decontamination Unit?

We know how crucial it is that your decontamination unit is fit for purpose, which is why we prioritise your needs and requirements in order to make sure we can help you get everything you need from your unit.

From start to finish, we ensure your unit provides exactly what you need, so you get what you need without any unnecessary extra, allowing you to make the most from your decontamination unit.

If you would like more information on our decontamination units, call 01283734900 to talk with our brilliant team today.

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