Celebrating the local heroes

Celebrating the local heroes

In these unprecedented times, it is important to celebrate those local heroes who have kept the country running. 

The whole nation was in celebrations earlier this month as part of a special ‘Clap for Carers’ in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. It was 72 years ago when the service was first established as a part of the post-war recovery. The system before the NHS was founded solely on insurance-based schemes and it was difficult for those who couldn’t afford their medical bills to get access to the healthcare they desperately needed. However, the implementation of the NHS – financed by taxation, made it so that everyone was eligible for treatment.

The Welfare State’s most prized initiative – the NHS, is regarded as one of the better health care systems in comparable countries which are protecting people from financial costs when in need of treatment, which means that the population are less put-off with seeking medical help due to the financial pressure. The NHS has shown, even during a global pandemic, the nation is very reliant on the services it provides and its amazing and hard-working staff!

NHS Celebrating 72 years

We have supported the NHS throughout the time in quarantine, ensuring that we followed all of the guidelines — maintaining social distancing and staying at home to reduce the pressure put on the NHS to deal with the global pandemic. Even, showing our appreciation via the weekly claps for the key workers and the NHS staff who kept the country running as smoothly as possible. We have also made efforts to raised funds with the like of – now Sir, Captain Tom Moore, who at the age of 100 raised more than £30million for the NHS charities during the lockdown. However, we need to maintain the efforts to make sure that there is no second wave and continue supporting our key industries.

Iconic landmarks like the London Eye, the buildings along the River Thames and Windsor Castle – where the Queen had been residing since the lockdown, donned the colour blue, which is synonymous with the NHS. The hospitals in Chelsea and Westminster was decorated with vibrant flowers as a show of appreciation for healthcare professionals.

London Iconic buildings with a blue overlay.

In this time of celebrations, we wanted to showcase a local artist named Lydia Atkinson, the creator of an art piece that we are featuring on our modular buildings, our site and transport vehicles. Lydia created the “Local Hero” piece which was inspired by one of Lydia’s relative. We loved the art work, and how it highlights the heroism of the NHS workers at these difficult times and Derby being the place Florence Nightingale called home, it was only right to support Lydia in her efforts in breaking through the artistic world.

Artwork by Lydia Atkinson - Local Heroes (2020)

To find out more about Lydia and her work, visit her website: https://lydiaatkinson.wordpress.com/portfolio/portfolio/

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