Forget what you think you know about modular buildings – the possibilities are endless

Forget what you think you know about modular buildings – the possibilities are endless

With the application of modular buildings, businesses and development sites are able to enhance their operations like never before.

We’re in an age where the business community and society in general is breaking down barriers and dispelling myths about stereotypes.

There’s some great work going on, for example, in getting more females to consider roles in previously perceived male-dominated positions.

In a similar vein, we often link areas of work to certain sectors, not least the idea that modular buildings are the preserve of the construction industry.

If somebody says ‘modular building’ it is easy to immediately envisage workers on a construction site or a temporary executive office on a plot of land for new housing.

Of course, all this is true – modular buildings are crucial to the construction sector – but they’re much more than that.

Modular buildings are utilised much more widely than you might think and our dedicated, experienced team at RBS work every day to deliver bespoke solutions to fit an array of different needs and requirements.

What are modular buildings used for?

Modular buildings have evolved significantly from the basic, temporary structures of the past – that’s certainly the case in respect to the quality structures we provide at RBS.

As the quality of modular building options have enhanced, businesses from all sectors have twigged on to the benefits and effectiveness of utilising modular buildings for a myriad of reasons.

Large, small, single-tiered, double-tiered, short-term, long-term, portable, static, single use, multi-use; the possibilities when considering a modular building for you building are endless. Modular buildings can take the form of classrooms, canteens, offices, laboratories, day care centres, hospital breakout centres, dormitories, conference rooms… pretty much anything.

Just a quick look at the list above and you can see why modular buildings are so much more than just for construction sites.

What are some of the main benefits for your business?

Now that we’ve established the many possible functions of a modular buildings to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, it’s worth explaining a few reasons why a modular building could be the standout choice.

1) Time is money…

Modular buildings are manufactured offsite in dedicated manufacturing plants and this honed and reliable method ensures customers receive their buildings on time and without delay. For the construction industry, this is imperative when setting out on a new project but is just as relevant to all sectors where time pressures are a factor. Modular buildings are also built offsite – so disruption to a current site is removed from the equation.

2) Value for money

As mentioned above, the modular build process here at RBS runs like a well-oiled machine. The knock-on benefits are significant from a value perspective. Our buildings processes ensure cost-efficiency from a manufacturing perspective while our sustainability and environmental credentials can result in savings in comparison to a permanent structure – including the running of the building; keeping ongoing costs to a minimum.

3) Bespoke to your business

We’ve touched on the versatility of modular builds to difference sectors but even businesses within the same sectors have different requirements. We ensure the solutions we put in place are absolutely right for you. A turnkey solution from groundwork to handover and a close working relationship ensures that, rather than a one-size- fits-all approach, you’ll be getting exactly what you need.

Relocatable Building Systems have over 20 years’ experience in delivering exceptional modular and portable building solutions to satisfied clients across the UK – working with our valued customers from vision to implementation.

Contact our dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable team today to discuss how a modular building for your business could be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

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