How portable cabins and modular office spaces benefit for a long period

How portable cabins and modular office spaces benefit for a long period

portable cabins and modular office space

Portable cabins may seem like a temporary solution, but their qualities can benefit any company long after the fact.

While many businesses today are using portable cabins and fabricated buildings as a means to facilitate their temporary accommodation requirements, there are many scenarios in which the benefits are much longer term.

Now, it’s important to recognise that there are some differences between ‘portable’ and ‘temporary’ buildings, and that the two terms aren’t always seamlessly interchangeable. The main difference being; portable buildings require foundations to be laid in order to sit securely, while temporary buildings can be built directly on any hard ground or surface. This will inevitably mean portable/temporary buildings will suit certain requirements better than others — a topic we’ve previously covered here

So with that out of the way, let’s delve into some of the longer term benefits portable cabins and modular office spaces can provide.

Relocatable space

Perhaps the biggest advantage portable cabins provide over conventional bricks and mortar is the portability aspect. While a traditional build may seem like the most logical solution at this point in time, you also need to consider the longterm strategy of your business — and if relocation is a frequent or inevitable possibility, then a portable building is probably the better option. The best part is that such cabins can be easily transferred to any place without extensive labour and any damages.

Reusable space

Portable cabins and modular office spaces are built for purpose, but at the same time can be easily reconfigured to suit most needs and requirements. This is especially useful for evolving businesses that are continuously growing, changing or adapting their operational infrastructure. For instance, a portable cabin previously used as a temporary office space can quickly and easily be re-fitted to serve as either a storage or facilities unit on site (with the added bonus of being able to reposition it).

Budgetary conscious space

Every organisation thinks about cashflow in their longterm strategy. The money you spend today will inevitably affect things later down the line, so it’s important to ensure you’re not only paying for something that will serve the business and eventually pay for itself, it also needs to be financially affordable to begin with. Portable cabins and modular office spaces are considerably cheaper than traditional builds due to the streamlined manufacturing process — which happens offsite, at the manufacturer’s factory itself. This requires less manpower, project management and resources — without compromising on quality.

Here at RBS, we understand that every business is different. That’s why we provide a completely bespoke service built around you, ensuring solutions remain tailored as your business continues to grow.

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