When to consider a temporary classroom building

When to consider a temporary classroom building

As we move further into summer, now is the time many teachers and administrators start to think about capacity for the new term. If this sounds familiar, then a temporary classroom building may be your best solution.

A temporary classroom building (commonly referred to as modular buildings) is a popular solution for schools, colleges, and universities requiring additional classroom space where there is a shortage of capacity. That’s because they’re typically the quickest, most straightforward solution, and usually at a much lower cost than constructing a traditional build.

But how do you know whether a temporary classroom building is right for you? We’ve already outlined a few of the key reasons in a previous blog post, but there are many more considerations to think about.

Especially now, as we approach the end of term, it’s important to think about the classroom space and facilities your teachers and students will require in the new academic year. With that being said, here are three reasons you should consider a temporary classroom building.

You need to accommodate growing class sizes

It’s no secret that schools in the UK are facing increasing pressures to accommodate more students. According to figures recently published by the Department for Education, 62% of secondary schools have larger class sizes than two years ago. Meanwhile, the number of primary school classes over 30 has jumped from 43,130 (in 2011) to 82,358 (as of 2018).

With budgetary cuts widely agreed to be the leading cause, many schools and colleges are finding it more challenging to locate the funds to expand their premises through traditional means. Thankfully, a temporary classroom building can facilitate these needs at a much lower cost.

If your school or college anticipates a surge in students after the summer holidays and wants to avoid overcrowded classes, then a temporary classroom building is likely to be the cheapest solution.

You’re expanding departments

It’s not uncommon for schools and colleges to require additional space to facilitate a growing department. The Arts, Sciences and Humanities commonly require additional building space when the department expands, or when new equipment and facilities are acquired.

Many schools utilise temporary classrooms to serve as music studios and art rooms, while specially-fitted units can be used as science laboratories, or as functional teaching spaces for non-theoretical subjects like woodwork and technology.

If any of your departments are in the process of expanding, but you’re currently unsure about space, then a temporary classroom building can help facilitate your plans for growth.

You need interim space while other areas are under construction

Whenever you’re opting for a traditional build, it’s important to remember that certain areas will be strictly off-limits during the construction process. It’s also worth noting that construction can sometimes be prolonged due to seasonal disruptions such as the weather, or temporarily put on hold as a result of commonplace problems occurring on a busy construction site.

A temporary classroom building is a suitable short-term solution; providing your teaching staff and students with the space they need until development is completed. If you’re already in the planning stages of making permanent expansions to your school, college or university, then now is the perfect time to ascertain how much classroom space you’ll require in the interim and get in touch with a proven supplier who can facilitate your needs.

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