Why you should opt for portable buildings

Why you should opt for portable buildings

Sometimes it’s better to go portable rather than building from the ground-up (and staying there!) Here we look at some of the leading reasons why portable buildings are right for your business.

Portable buildings have a broad range of applications, from storage to onsite accommodation, there are numerous ways they can benefit businesses of every size, across an entire spectrum of different sectors and professional industries.

In the past, the acquisition and implementation of a completely new building structure would have required a lot of forward planning, higher investment and above all, a great deal more time to get the project completed. That’s not even mentioning the unique set of problems and limitations that come with developing a traditional build from the ground up — and sticking there permanently!

Portable buildings, on the other hand, are designed to be mobile rather than permanent — without compromising the on the quality and usability. In fact, the uses of parable buildings can far outreach those of a traditional structure. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for portable buildings in your business.

You need the space quickly

It’s not unusual for businesses to outgrow their existing premises. Perhaps you need room to accommodate a growing workforce, or maybe you just need more space temporarily for an upcoming project at work. Regardless of the reasons why, moving to a new location isn’t always feasible, and physically expanding your existing space might not be permitted.

why you should choose portable buildings

Portable buildings can provide a short-to-medium term solution when you need the extra space quickly, without the insane costs or rigours of managing a lengthy construction project. Even when relocation is an absolute must, hiring portable buildings in the interim can help take the pressure off; giving your team the extra space they need without having to commit to a more costly solution in the meantime.

You have a strict budget

It’s unfortunate, but there’s no getting past the notion that sometimes — more often than not — we’re bound by the constraints that come with responsible fiscal management. Businesses operating on a tight budget are constantly being asked to do more with less. Portable buildings are an affordable option for businesses facing such a dilemma.

why choose portable buildings

This kind of brings it all back to our previous point: Traditional buildings take time; before even digging foundations, there’s planning permission to think about, and construction is a lengthy phase of the project — and time costs money!

Portable buildings require minimal setup, regardless of whether you’re installing them on a worksite or at a school, and the cost to have them delivered is pretty much offset by the savings you’ll be making in the longterm. They’re also re-locatable by nature, so even if you do move from site to site periodically, you can always arrange to have them taken with you — giving you even more mileage out of your original investment.

You need to provide additional facilities for staff and customers

In the same way that portable buildings are ideal for providing extra space for staff, they’re also handy for housing facilities including toilets, kitchens, and changing rooms. If you’re managing a construction site or an outdoor recreational centre, then these amenities are always going to be in high demand.

why you should choose portable buildings

Portable buildings that are already fitted with — or are customised to meet the needs of your staff and visitors — are a quick and simple solution to implement. This makes the whole process a lot easier for businesses in need of a quick and painless fix.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent build or something, or something to tide you over for the short term, RBS can help provide a tailored solution to meet your portable buildings needs. Get in touch with the team today and see how we can help.

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