The crime statistics that backup the need for anti vandal cabins

The crime statistics that backup the need for anti vandal cabins

It’s not uncommon for businesses to fall victim to thefts and break-ins, especially when there’s valuable equipment stored onsite. Let’s take a look at some of the stats that backup the need for added security.

Sometimes it takes a long, hard look under the microscope to see where your business is most vulnerable to crime — and how you can best safeguard yourself from the costs, anguish and hassle that comes with it.

While the overall figures suggest thefts, break-ins and associated vandalism are on the decline, businesses are quite rightly being strongly encouraged to take potential threats seriously — and put measures in place for added security.

For businesses working and storing valuable equipment onsite — such as construction firms, outdoor recreational and agricultural companies, and even schools —this is especially the case; as you’ll always be an easier target for opportunistic thieves.

The unfortunate thing is: it’s all-too easy for businesses to overlook the potential threat of a crime until they themselves fall victim to it. That’s why it’s always important to look at the facts to help paint a clear picture and find tangible evidence that action needs to be taken — not as a reaction, but as a deterrent.

Here are eight statistics (along with their sources) that demonstrate why businesses in these sectors must take the necessary preventions to avoid getting broken into.

1 ) The total cost of all construction site theft in the UK is estimated to be £800 million year-on-year — that’s according to report findings from insurance firm Allianz Cornhil (Logic Fire and Security)

2) Construction sites are a popular target for the theft of metals, with over 7,000 metal-related thefts recorded per month (Logic Fire and Security)

3) Investment in wider security, including physical and electronic locking, is one of top theft-prevention methods recommended by safe site facilities, nationwide construction and building site security experts (Logic Fire and Security)

4) In the last three years, 84% of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing premises have implemented measures to increase the protection of stock stored onsite — that’s according to the 2017 Commercial Victimisation Survey (Gov.UK)

5) Almost two-thirds of larger businesses in the outdoor recreational sector had experienced at least one crime over a 12-month period — with theft and vandalism being in the top 5 (Gov.UK)

6) Theft of equipment is one of the most highly reported crimes amongst medium-to-larger sized manufacturing companies (Gov.UK)

7) According to a survey conducted by the Charted Institute of Building, it was revealed that constriction site theft had affected businesses in the following areas:

More than 34% of construction companies had been a victim of tool theft
More than 32% of construction companies had been a victim of building material theft
More than 27% of construction companies had been a victim of scrap metal theft

(Charted Institute of Buildings)

8) In the same survey, it was also revealed that over 32% of construction companies have been a victim of onsite vandalism, while more than than 30% had subsequently been a victim of damage to materials and equipment as a direct result (Charted Institute of Buildings)

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for businesses to secure their premises and prevent equipment from being stolen or damaged. One such solution is an anti vandal cabin — which offers the same spatial solutions as regular portable cabin, but with the added fortification necessary to discourage even the most determined criminals.

Here at RBS, we can help advise you on the safest and most secure storage solutions for your business. Our friendly and experienced team will work alongside you to understand the challenges, obstacles and potential security weaknesses you may face in order to find a solution that fits perfectly.

None of us want to be a victim of crime, but having the preparations in place to prevent criminal activity is the best way to ensure a positive outcome for your business.

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