RBS is running every day this January in support of mental health charity MIND

RBS is running every day this January in support of mental health charity MIND

Throughout the whole of January, Relocatable Buildings Systems is on a mission to run every day, at every possible opportunity, helping to raise awareness and much needed funds for mental health charity MIND.

Mental health is an incredibly important issue nowadays. The stresses of work and frantic navigation of our general day-to-day lives seems to place more pressures on people than ever before. In fact, it’s said that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience some kind of mental health problem at some point.

On the positive side, perceptions and attitudes towards mental health have improved dramatically over the past few years, and we’ve arrived at a place where people are beginning to feel more confident — and rightfully less shamed — of reaching out for help and opening up about their struggles. And mental health charities like MIND are doing a fantastic job helping to raise awareness and support those in need of urgent help.

Having said that, many of these charities rely on outside support and funds to continue the great work and valuable service they provide. That’s why RBS is proudly taking part in RED January — a monthlong event whereby individuals and businesses across the country will be clocking up the miles, and hopefully quite a few pennies also, running every day in support of MIND.

“As directors of our business we know only full well what stress can do to you, having to juggle family life and running your own business is no mean feat,” says Emma Smith, Managing Director at Relocatable Buildings Systems.

“We have both had periods in our lives where things have got on top of us and running or exercising helps up to compute things more clearly. Running helps us both unwind and helps us to think things through logically without the hustle and bustle of the office or family.”

“If we can help raise awareness and money for a worthy cause at the same time, then that can only be a positive thing.

“MIND so much for individuals, families and broader communities struggling with mental health problems. As a business heavily invested in corporate social responsibility, few things are more important than taking care of those who do much to look out for others.”

Should you wish to, you can still donate via Emma and Adam’s JustGiving page here –


In the meantime, we’d like to thank everybody who has already supported us in this brilliant cause. We are deeply touched by the kind messages and donations you guys have already given. There’s still a way to go before our target is reached, but together can help achieve that goal and kick start the year in a bright and positive way!

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