Getting your worksite work-ready for 2019

Getting your worksite work-ready for 2019

Making sure your worksite is ready for the months ahead is a great way to kickstart the year. Here’s a few things you’ll want to consider for a successful 2019.

For many businesses, the start of a new year means an opportunity to re-evaluate internal processes and practices, and to prepare for an even better year ahead.

Businesses and organisations operating on a worksite, however, are faced with a completely different and very unique set of challenges — working to stringent practices and compliance to ensure employee safety and productivity.

In other words, there’s no other work environment quite like an operational site that’s bustling with activity, equipment and building structures. That’s why it’s important to recognise how imperative a site audit at this time of year can be.

Getting your worksite work-ready for 2019 has benefits far beyond health and safety (although these are very important) and can help transform your site into a more productive and a better organised space.

Here are a few things you may want to consider:


From a logistical standpoint, accessibility across any worksite is extremely important to everyday operations. If staff cannot access specific areas, or move key equipment from one location to another via an easy to use route, then it can seriously compromise the efficiencies and effectiveness with which projects are typically carried out.

Take this time to re-evaluate all routes of access in your worksite — from ramps and steps, to the configuration of your site layout — and think about ways to make things easier and safer for people and vehicles to navigate their way around.

Out with the old

You’re probably already itemising things around the home, thinking about what needs throwing out next year and what needs replacing. Well, the same should apply to any worksite.

Depending how ‘old’ or how relevant certain equipments and structures on your site are, now may be the time to consider having them replaced. For modular and temporary buildings in particular, this will require professional dismantlement.

On the other hand, you may want to consider simply repairing / augmenting existing builds to ensure they will meet requirements over the coming months in your business. In which case, it’s certainly worth getting a professional in to assess and make recommendations to improve and implement maintenance on structures you intend to keep.

Pastures new

If your business has a tendency to relocate operations from one site to another, then now may be the best time to prepare for the dismantlement, storage and transportation of structures and equipment required for your next location.

Whilst the start of a new year doesn’t always necessarily coincide with the end / start of a new project, it’s always prudent to start planning ahead and secure the services of industry professionals who can help co-ordinate and facilitate the move.

Regardless of whether you intend to move or stay put in 2019, Relocatable Building Systems can provide a variety of services to ensure your worksite remains a safe and productive place for management and staff.

Our site team will conduct on-location checks and in-depth needs analysis to assess the condition of your existing units and ensure compliance with Health and Safety, whilst giving you longterm peace of mind in the upkeep and sustainability of your assets.

We can also assist in the relocation of your cabins on-site, making sure units are moved safely and securely.

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