Keep your storage secure with an anti vandal cabin

Keep your storage secure with an anti vandal cabin

With thousands of businesses getting broken into every year, it certainly pays to keep your storage safe and secure in an anti vandal cabin.

Will you be broken into? It’s a question many businesses, schools and work sites across the country are commonly faced with —especially those who are storing valuable assets and equipment on location.

While the number of thefts across the UK is reportedly on the decline, figures are still undeniably high; with some 842,752 instances of business-theft reported over a three-year period contributing to almost £184m worth of damages and losses.

Regardless of your business size, or what sector in which you operate, theft and vandalism are an unnecessary cost to your organisation, and a hassle that’s best avoided on all fronts. One such solution is an anti vandal cabin.

What is an anti vandal cabin?

Quite simply: an anti vandal cabin offer the same spatial solutions and the same wide range of applications as a regular portable cabin, but with the added security necessary to discourage even the most determined criminals.

The units themselves are constructed from robust, galvanised steel, while doors and windows are typically reinforced — heavy gauge door strips and externally mounted window shutters — to prevent breaking and entering.

Internally, any anti vandal cabin can be configured for use as office accommodation, washing facilities, cooking and eating, or simply as a place for highly secured storage. What’s more, they offer the same portability as regular portable cabins, making them more than ideal for organisations working across multiple sites, or for teams who tend to move from one location to another on a regular basis.

If you’re still unsure why you might want to consider an anti vandal cabin for your premises, here are 3 perfect reasons you may want to think about.

1) Protection from opportunistic criminals

As we’ve already mentioned, the primary benefit of any anti vandal cabin is going to be security. Whether vandals or thieves attempt to use tools or brute force, every unit is specifically designed to withstand break-ins.

If you’re storing equipment on location (especially overnight) that typically draws the attention of opportunistic criminals — such as work tools, computers, stock, etc. — then it’s important to have that extra security for added peace of mind.

2) A portable storage solution

For some businesses — construction firms in particular — moving key equipment from one location to another is a common occurrence. Anti vandal cabins are designed for portability, so you can rest assured you will always have adequate storage space where ever you need to set up base.

This makes it easier and quicker to prep your team and your equipment for projects in the pipeline, without the need to source additional storage space.

3) Maintenance requirements are relatively low

Building maintenance is a necessary but equally onerous consideration for every business. Thankfully, anti vandal cabins have minimal maintenance needs — especially those that are being used purely for storage purposes — so you won’t have lots of repair costs to worry about.

In addition to vandals, you’ll also find anti vandal cabins especially resistant to chemicals, weather, and general wear and tear as a result of their rigid and robust construction. Again, this makes them perfect if you need to move them from one location to another

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