3 Reasons a modular classroom is right for your school

3 Reasons a modular classroom is right for your school

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A popular alternative to traditional site-built construction, the modular classroom boasts an array of benefits to any school seeking to expand its capacity to teach.

The modular classroom has been a classic staple amongst educational institutions up and down the country for as long as anybody can remember. Think back — hopefully not too long now — and you’ll probably recall seeing one on the grounds of your school growing up. That’s because modular classrooms are an extremely effective solution to a multitude of problems commonly faced by schools, colleges, and universities.

Constructed off-site in a factory setting, it’s simply far easier, quicker, and a great deal more convenient to have a modular classroom than it is to build on location. Upon completion, the unit is transported and installed on location in a fraction of the time. What’s more, the whole efficiency of the project means that overall costs for the customer are substantially lower.

Of course, a traditional build may still be your preferred and best option. It all depends on circumstance and requirements. Incase you’re unsure, here are three reasons a modular classroom may be the best solution for your school.

1) You need construction while school is in session

As already mentioned, modular classrooms are not built on location but rather put together in a factory setting and transported to where they need to go for installation. This means minimal disturbance for schools requiring construction to be done during the school term (especially during the school day).

Traditional builds require a traditional building site; a hectic, noisy environment that can be disruptive to student learning. Installation of modular classrooms, on the other hand, are far more efficient and are conducted over a shorter period of time — dramatically reducing any distractions.

2) You need construction completed quickly

A speedy construction is generally preferred regardless, but if you’re up against some particularly tight deadlines then a modular build is definitely going to be the better option. For many schools, a growing student body is the kind of issue that requires such an immediate solution.

Depending on the immediacy of the problem, a modular classroom can be constructed and installed in up to half the time it takes to complete a traditional structure.

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Other reasons you may require a swift turnaround include the need for a new construction to be completed during the term break (ready for when pupils return), or as a temporary means of accommodation until planning / development for a traditional build is finalised.

3) You are operating on a budget

Whilst a modular classroom isn’t necessarily always going to be cheaper than conventional construction, it almost always certainly can be, depending on the level of customisation you want.

Another way to cut costs is to purchase or lease a used modular classroom instead of a brand new unit. Modular classrooms are built to withstand the wear and tear involved in being transported to multiple locations. A used modular classroom can be a great way to save money without compromising quality.

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