What are portable offices and do you need one?

What are portable offices and do you need one?

portable offices

Portable offices aren’t just for taxi drivers and ice cream men – they’re a staple for many businesses in need of temporary or relocatable accommodation.

Chances are that at some stage of your career you have worked in – or visited – a portable office building. After all, they’re firmly embedded in the fabric of business life; integral to businesses large and small across multiple sectors.

From generic cabins through to bespoke multi-level buildings, more and more businesses – large and small, public and private sector – are taking advantage of flexible, tailored, cost-effective and time-efficient portable office solutions.

But, given their diverse nature, what exactly are portable office buildings? In a nutshell, a portable office building is a non-permanent structure designed to be movable and not necessarily fixed. They can be erected in all shapes and sizes to suit the specific needs and requirements of a particular business.

But that’s not all. It’s easy to pigeonhole portable office buildings as traditional portable cabins and while they certainly still exist and can be extremely useful, the full answer is that portable office buildings can be more or less whatever you want them to be.

By their very nature, portable office buildings are extremely flexible and versatile. They can be short-term options, built at speed and transferred to a site for a specific temporary purpose, or they can offer longer term solutions on a grander scale.

Famed American architect Jacquelin T. Robertson once said: “Good buildings make and are made by their settings, and they are appropriately different in different locations”. This view is particularly relevant when applied to portable office buildings – they serve all manner of purposes depending on the situation or scenario.

While we’ve established that portable office buildings can be many things to many people, there are certain characteristics that can be found in all portable office building options which help to define what they are.

Portable office buildings are:

1) High quality

Align yourself with a trustworthy provider and you can be sure that modern-day portable office buildings are made from quality, responsibly-sourced materials. They are designed to be robust, sustainable, comfortable, fit for purpose and are compliant with health and safety regulations.

2) Multifunctional

Whatever sector or business you’re in – be it education, construction, events and hospitality or any business requiring office space – a portable office building is a viable option for a myriad of different circumstances. They can be a temporary fix to an immediate premises issue or be part of a long-term growth strategy.

portable offices

3) Cost-effective

Professional, reputable and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of portable buildings offer highly-optimised and streamlined operations and processes which nevertheless are tailored to an individual client’s requirements. These two ingredients ensure that portable office buildings can be exceptional value for money.

4) Aesthetically pleasing

Although temporary in nature, portable office buildings can often stand side-by-side with permanent buildings and bear an almost complete resemblance to the ‘real thing’. For every functional kiosk, booth and cabin out there this is a sympathetically-designed professional-looking, modern executive suite, annexed classroom and office.

portable offices

5) Environmentally friendly

Portable buildings have come a long way. They’re built to be efficient as far as energy is concerned and use environmentally friendly materials that are both safe and have a positive effect on the environment and community they are built in – or transported to. This can also greatly enhance a business’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials.

So whatever you previously understood about portable office buildings and what they are, chances are you’re only scratching the service of what a portable office building is, or could be. So the next logical question is this – what could a portable office building do for your business and could it take you to the next level?

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