Do I need temporary buildings?

Do I need temporary buildings?

Do I need temporary Buildings?

Temporary buildings, or portable buildings, offer fantastic – and often very necessary – solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Temporary buildings can offer a myriad of opportunities for businesses and also help solve a whole host of operational challenges.

Whether you’re expanding, relocating, working on a specific project or facing an unforeseen challenge with your existing premises – utilising temporary buildings can offer great benefits and highly-effective solutions.

Temporary buildings are the staple of many walks of business life. They’re crucial to the construction industry, utilised extensively by the education sector – such as schools and universities expanding or upgrading their real estate – provide additional short-term and cost-effective opportunities for those in retail and are extremely effective in the housing sector, such as on-site show home offices.

However that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of utilising a temporary building are many and wide-ranging. They can even be used to enhance a brand and grow credibility. As far back as 1520 temporary buildings were used to dazzling effect at the famous ‘Field of Cloth of Gold’ which saw the first meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I. It saw the erecting of amazing portable palaces, creating a magnificent temporary fantasy land that is still talked about to this day.

Fast-forward 500 years and temporary buildings are more important and integral than ever before – and they’ve come a long way. Depending on the building, it can even be difficult to differentiate between a temporary and permanent structure such is the quality of modern-day temporary builds.

But do you need a temporary building? Here are five situations that may suggest it might be right for your business.

1) We’re upgrading our premises and the timescale for completion is uncertain

Although these types of buildings are not necessarily long-term solutions, temporary buildings are nevertheless high quality, fully compliant with building standards and are extremely robust. Temporary buildings offer peace of mind and can serve a purpose indefinitely depending on your situation.

2) We have very specific premises/building requirements

The high quality of temporary buildings and the wide variety of options available means that instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all approach, a temporary building can be tailored to perfectly suit the needs and requirement of your business.

3) We’ve won a contract and need to set up a base – and quickly

The process of manufacturing and installing temporary buildings is an effective and streamlined one – especially if working with experienced and dedicated specialists – and you can be up and running with a new temporary building much sooner than you might think.

4) The nature of our business mean we need very flexible building solutions

If you’re moving from site to site, arranging events in a variety of locations or simply need to be in a position to adapt quickly to different scenarios, temporary buildings can avoid logistical headaches and, when done correctly, can enhance your reputation too by being an extension of your organisation’s brand.

5) Corporate Social Responsibility is a key consideration for our business

Providing you’re working with a reputable and respected specialist, temporary buildings can be built with CSR in mind. Every effort is taken to ensure temporary buildings are sustainable in nature, sympathetic aesthetically to the environment they’re built in, adhere to health and safety regulations and provide an environment conducive to a positive working environment.

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